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Chris S.F.C
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Nov 17, 2013 at 8:35 PM
Nov 7, 2009
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Chris S.F.C

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Nov 17, 2013
    1. Posh Josh
      Posh Josh
      Yeah, allocation will only be 1,500 now, it was around 4,000 before. So loads of away fans will probably come in the home end!
    2. Posh Josh
      Posh Josh
      Yeah it's a shame. We'll lose loads of money 'cause of it, but I guess it's gotta be done!
    3. Posh Josh
      Posh Josh
      Yeah we are mate.
    4. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah but Huddersfield are there at the moment, so you'll have to be careful. If you slip up you could lose it.
    5. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah just found out that it is going to be 7, but I think thats pretty good. It is Swansea Mid week and my mum won't let me go. I would have to skip college. But I am getting to the rest.
      Yeah if you win them games, you will be definite promotion hopefuls.
    6. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah I have only missed 6 games this season so far. Am going to Watford away in 2 weeks time I think. Then I think I am going to QPR and Bristol city thats last game of the season, what about you ?
    7. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      The further north you go the more snow you get, we are starting to lose it now. It has started melting and turning to ice. But we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow.
      I don't really like going on coach, because it is so uncomfy and you are on there a while. And the days can be long e.g. Crystal palace, 10.30am on the coach, got off the coach 1am the next morning.
    8. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Wallsall, away I'm guessing for you. You should win there.
      I get to home games by walking because I am not that far from the KC, and away games, I go with my dad. He drives me to most games. But the games like London games or lower (like yourself), we go on coach too.
      How do you get to games ? Coach ?
    9. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah, just got in now. Tired and about to go to bed all that way for a 0-0 draw. Ugh. How'd you do ?
    10. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Yeah away at crystal palace this weekend. Hopefully we can win because they are down near the bottom of the table aswell. I have been to every game this season apart from 3. I have only missed Cardiff, Leicester and Norwich, and they were all away.
    11. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Would have been a long trip then. Were you going ?
    12. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Who would you have played today ?
    13. fringey
      im funky fresh u jealous
    14. fringey
      aww im sad know lolz
    15. fringey
      hey my sexslave ........
    16. Somerset Glover
      Somerset Glover
      Hello mate this is the taxi number for radio cabs probs the cheapest aswell 01935 426 666
    17. DonnyOsmond
    18. Kiz
      Nice one :thumb
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