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Dec 5, 2015 at 2:56 AM
Jun 7, 2010
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Dec 5, 2015
    1. SaddlerMatt
      you ****ing wot
    2. SaddlerMatt

    3. pwhibs
      I could...
    4. Town_Ender
      Why all the good posters leave? You're proof of this. Come back and I'll join the YEC (Yonner Elite Crew.)
    5. pwhibs
      Can I join your forum mate?
    6. Mowgli
      Good luck against Walsall,do my lot a big favour and score a hatfull !
    7. SaddlerMatt
      Chill out, before I ****ing knock you out.
    8. SaddlerMatt
      ****ing hate Oldham I do. Scummy ****bags.
    9. Town_Ender
      And there you go again with your insults. You can't help yourself, can you? :(
    10. Town_Ender
      Woah low blow on both calls. My face is beautiful. You said so yourself. And my name is better than joeypne without any capitals. The stand I sit in is the Alan Kelly Town End. So I'm a Town Ender. Bit of a rip off of Northam/Chapel_Saint but do I give one? NO. You've really upset me. And to top it all off you didn't even respond to my message the other week on Facebook. I do sometimes ask myself whether I even love you any more. I know you don't mean to be malicious or hurtful but you are to me and it's getting me down. To cut a long story short, I hate you. </3
    11. Town_Ender
      Vote for me for every award because I love you the most. Y'Know it makes sense.
    12. TOM OAFC
      TOM OAFC
      just under 2 miles from Boundary park closer to bottom Sholvar via the farm tracks
    13. TOM OAFC
      TOM OAFC
      Alright mate have you got me on Facebook at all? you live on bottom Sholvar do you know a young Oldham fan called Ben be in his last year of school
    14. BCFC~McPeake
      We took 1,600 to Sheffield United which is about same sort of distance... So probably similar to that, with it being a semi-final and all that bollocks.
    15. BCFC~McPeake
      Sound ****ing well naughty... We're coming over in big numbers, tooled to the nines. Should be a nice little off.
    16. BCFC~McPeake
      ****in' Bradford aren't we!
    17. BCFC~McPeake
      We're just having a laugh, taking the piss out of the poxy, small timers. You won't know where to hide when the masses come over mob handed, you'll need your running shoes on.
    18. Hull City fan !
      Hull City fan !
      Haha, just looked at the map you made.
    19. Cartman
      very good!
    20. The Dandy Dons
      The Dandy Dons
      Re: Diamond

      When he first came through he looked like he could be very good, had all the attributes but once Russell Anderson left Diamonds gone backwards, Hasn't been great for the last season or 2 but with the right parter at CB he could be solid. Will score a few goals too.

      Nothing wrong with his kneee btw, was an excuse for Hearts to pull out of the deal!
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